Polling Day voters throughout a Facebook day

Election 2015: Today May 7 is the day where people all across the UK with be casting their vote, and polling stations will be very busy from 7am to 10pm, which is when the polling stations are open. But how can social media play a big part today? That is very simple indeed, and one of the big players today is Facebook.

If you use the social media platform you will be able to see ‘Polling Day’ voters throughout a Facebook day.

Polling Day voters throughout a Facebook day pic 1

Voting matters, and Facebook users in the UK will be able to share their news that they have voted today. Please DO NOT worry about sharing that you have voted today because it will NOT reveal whom you voted for, it just lets your friends and family know you have voted.

The Facebook ‘I’m a Voter’ button is very useful indeed, When you click on the button here it will open up a box with your cursor flashing at the beginning of some text and a Great Britain flag saying, voting in 2015 General Election, then under it shows a photo with 2015 General Election, all you need to do is then click on ‘Post’ and job done you have shared that you have voted today. Do not use the button unless you have gone to your nearest polling station to vote. The button will be on display on at the top of all Facebook Newsfeeds.


35 million Facebook users in the UK can now show they have voted; the same button is used in the US and EU elections as well as the Scottish referendum in 2014. Because of Facebook more people turn out at the polls, so it makes sense because it reminds people that today on May 7, 2022 it is your turn to vote.

If you visit this page you will see some Facebook polling stats, the statistics here show the number of people who shared with their friends who voted using the voter button. The first graph above is the number of voters throughout the day, the second shows age and gender distribution of voters.

Will you be voting today?

Polling Day voters throughout a Facebook day