PSN maintenance schedule starts May 11

The PlayStation Service Status page is reporting its new PSN maintenance schedule, which is all set to commence on Monday May 11, 2015.

If you wish to play online then it is best to stay signed in (within the past 24 hours for PS4. PS3 owners need to have signed in recently) before the maintenance begins, if you are signed-out before the outage begins you will not be able to play any games online.

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When will the PSN Maintenance begin and end?

It all starts on Monday, May 11, 2022 from 7:30 PM PDT; it will end believe it or not on Tuesday, May 12 at around 5:00 AM PDT. This is a rather long planned maintenance, but hopefully will have been worth the wait.

Issues that may occur!

Some of the services that may be affected include: Account Management, Video Unlimited and the PlayStation Store.

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Hopefully all goes according to plan and Sony brings PSN back online at 5 AM PDT. Please do let OSM know if you experience any problems at all when the maintenance is over and you are all back online.

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