New social media platform markets to be aware of

Social media is a powerhouse in today’s marketing world. It dictates a lot of things, from brand image to commercial content. In fact, it could be argued that it is now the single most important sphere of media marketing, as a viral hit on the internet can garner more attention than anything in print, TV or radio it seems.

But did you know that Twitter, for example, isn’t even 10 years old yet? It will celebrate its first decade on March 21st 2016. Facebook, the world’s biggest social media platform, is only 11 years old. And platforms that have exploded recently, like Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram, were all founded after 2010.

So as you can see, this ever-changing world is only morphing quicker and quicker. This is a nightmare for marketing agencies. TV and radio have been pretty constant mediums since their first boom periods. They have advanced, but the means by which you sell things (visually and audibly, respectively), have stayed the same. New social media platforms, however, could come with innumerable USPs, that are almost impossible to predict. Who would have guessed 10-second videos and photos would become so popular?

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Guessing what will be the next big thing is incredibly difficult. But here are some of the up and coming platforms you may want to keep an eye on in 2015, be you a consumer or a marketing executive. Getting the decision over which ones to invest in right or wrong could make or break any upcoming marketing campaign.


To use a negative analogy, if you’ve ever seen someone stood on a soapbox with a megaphone, expressing their opinions to anybody that might listen that is essentially Heard. But it’s actually a lot more refined than that. Heard lets you start speaking, via text, about whatever you like. Be it sports, TV or the colour green, it doesn’t matter. Heard will then send your post to people looking for content along those lines.

Heard therefore give you a platform to talk about whatever you like, and then get connected to similar people. Should two of the respondents then start tailing off into their own conversation, they can leave to start their own public forum. It’s like one huge house party! It will rely heavily on it picking up a substantial user base right away, to avoid its users shouting into the void, but Heard certainly is a unique idea. Advertisers could be given a direct line to people who want to hear about their product, which is amazing, but again, it requires the app to pick up traction quickly.


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So we’ve had 10-second videos (Vine), 10-second pictures (Snapchat), so it was inevitable that we would wind up with 10 second audio recordings. Bubbly does exactly that - spout out what you are thinking, add effects, and then send it out to your followers. It’s hard to bet against these short form social platforms, but there are some differences here that make us reluctant to back Bubbly to be as big as Vine or Snapchat.

For one, a lot of people don’t like the sound of their own voice, so may be reluctant to share it. Secondly, it lacks the simplicity of the other two visual mediums. That has ramifications for both users and marketers, as it’s much harder to convey meaning in audio as it is in text, as pictures can be universal, whereas speech requires you at least know the language.


Becoming annoyed at the increasing number of websites hiding content behind paywalls? ShareWell allows you to bring those walls tumbling down without using traditional money. No, instead, social shares become currency.

Companies want their content shared, but it can be hard to get it off the ground. Here, in a “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” type scenario, users can gain access to previously locked content by sharing certain things on Facebook, Twitter etc. As the shares increase, so does the amount of time, or amount of content, increase. A marketers dream, no doubt, but it may be a quick way to anger friends. We all have the “Candy Crush invite” person in our lives, don’t we? Now imagine that temptation with the promise of more content behind it!


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Dubbed the “ultimate social travel app”, Quicket’s most unique feature is its seat check-in feature. Using Facebook, Quicket can tell other users where you are sat on a train, boat etc., and then allow others to share their information with you. The aim is to get strangers talking to each other as they explore the big wide world.

It may not be for everyone, due to it “broadcasting your location”, but it certainly has great use for those looking to meet new people in a new part of the world, with the added benefit of vetting them a little through viewing their Facebook profile first. The most alluring aspect for businesses will be the apps ticket booking service, which turns it essentially into a comparison site. Buying ad space around this section could sway users to plug for your business over others.

Are you using any of the above?

New social media platform markets to be aware of