Politicians - there’s more to life than Facebook

A new angle on the use of social media in the run up to the election can be found via a new online platform. Streetlife is basically in simple terms the local social network that connects users within their communities.

Hey Politicians - is there more to life than Facebook?

The majority of coverage regarding social media and its role in the election campaign has been focused on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. However, the major parties are neglecting less mainstream platforms, some of which have the potential to reach untapped voting demographics, and to gauge public opinion on key issues.

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Streetlife falls into that category, full details on the site can be found here. A handful of politicians, including UKIP’s Douglas Carswell and Labour’s Sadiq Khan, have used the site to listen to their constituents’ priorities and concerns, and to lend their support to local causes. This video provided below gives their thoughts on the site - If you cannot view the video below due to privacy settings you can view it here.

Streetlife can fit into a piece alongside other social media platforms that are being underused by the main parties, with some mention of the site’s local focus and alternative user demographic (stats below).

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Unique, harder-to-reach demographic: 74% of Streetlife users are aged 40+, 32% of Streetlife users don’t use any other social media platform, and 50% of its users want to engage with their local MP (vs. 14% who would actively follow their MP on Facebook or Twitter*).

What are your views on Streetlife?

Streetlife - General Election from Joe Cockerline on Vimeo.

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