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A brand new social network just for Londoners has just launched called AMBAM, which has a rewarding twist for its members.

The founders are Londoner brother and sister who were going through the turnstiles at Waterloo station one morning and both pulled out their Oyster Cards. They discussed how amazing would it be if every Londoner had a card in their wallet that gave them exclusive benefits just for being a Londoner. The idea then just spawned from there and they soon left their then jobs to create the first social network just for Londoners - AMBAM.

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The first ever social network conceived and designed just for Londoners, with an exclusive, rewarding twist has officially arrival in London - AMBAM, which offers many rewards as well, such as Some of the latest rewards includes Free Yam Sing Shot, 30% off Doing Something membership, 50p discount online with Lipcote products and much more.

Created by Londoners, for Londoners, AMBAM’s mission is to connect members with each other on its unique social platform, via common interests like music, food and fashion. It also provides hand-picked rewards from a mixture of the capital city’s most loved and most up-and-coming, aspirational independent brands and venues, all of which are 100% free to claim upon sign up.

AMBAM steps away from over-priced tourist attractions and big chains, to put the spotlight on what truly makes London the most cultured, diverse and action-packed place to be.

At the heart of AMBAM, lies its ‘Circles’, which members have the option to join. The team curate dedicated Circles for key personal interests, including ‘Music’, ‘Food’, and ‘Fashion’, with other circles to be rolled out in the near future. In addition, there are Circles for each of the main areas of London, including West, West End, South West, East, North West, South East, North, and ‘All in London’. This enables members to tap into the best of what lies right at their front door, as well as the further afield areas they have yet to explore.

Currently, AMBAM is only London-centric, but future plans for the social network consist of a UK-wide roll out, with AMBAM networks being launched in all main cities. AMBAM is fully mobile friendly and will be launching its app in the near future.

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Commenting on its launch, AMBAM Co-Founder Jessica Ellis said: “Our vision for AMBAM was simple - to create a rewarding, social platform that feels local, is just for Londoners, and that truly makes the most of living and working here. Not only do we want to connect everyone with the best bits of their city, but we also want to provide a worthwhile platform for people to network with each other, inspire each other, share their own passions and interests, and explore them in new ways.

AMBAM partners include everyone from the hottest pop-up restaurants and bars, and the coolest new fashion and beauty brands to all the must-attend events and festivals. AMBAM brand partner and co-founder of London’s Grub Club, Olivia Sibony, added: “There’s so much wonderful and diverse activities happening in London everyday, so much so that it can be a little intimidating. That’s why we feel the idea is behind AMBAM is great, a place to learn about all the amazing experiences (including our own!) that true London has to offer!”

To be one of the first to sign up to this new social network and start claiming your exclusive rewards from London retailers, events, festivals, restaurants and more, please visit

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