Moderating Facebook can be rather terrifying

Anyone who spends any amount of time on Facebook knows all too well the annoyance of over-shared viral videos, Candy Crush requests, and Click Bait headlines. But the truth is, Facebook could be a much worse place if it wasn’t for the army of moderators who filter through posts representing the worst of humanity every day so that we don’t have to. And while it might seem like a dream job, you’d be surprised just how harrowing it really can be. From inappropriate sexual postings to illegal activities and graphic content, the Facebook moderation team has seen it all.

Check out the latest infographic from the team at WhoIsHostingThis to find out more about this little known side of Facebook. You can find the infographic, Moderating Facebook: the Dark Side of Social Networking, embedded below.

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The infographic is very informative, as we all know Facebook generates a lot of traffic and the numbers are rather impressive. 1.35 billion active users a month, 4.5 billion likes per day, 864 million logins per day, 5 new profiles are being created every second, 4.75b posts are shared each day. Read more of the numbers below.

There are between 800 and 1000 Facebook moderators worldwide, s2 languages are spoken, many of the positions are out-sourced to countries such as India and the Philippines, some of the moderators in these countries make less than $1 an hour.

The infographic also goes into detail about what content gets moderated on Facebook? How is Facebook moderated?

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