Unfriended movie to shock April 17

Have you got what it takes to question Laura Barns? If you own Skype you may want to switch it of Friday April 17, 2022 because this is when the girl takes revenge online.

You have to be seriously brave to have Skype open, especially if you are scared of horror movies using the messaging platform. Add ‘LauraBarnes’ to your Skype contacts and see what happens.

Unfriended movie to shock April 17 pic 2

On April 17th the Unfriended horror movie will be released to the world, it all takes place after a girl at a party was unconscious after being drunk who soiled herself. This was then share to the Internet where the girl couldn’t take much more so she committed suicide with a gun.

Unfriended movie to shock April 17 pic 3

It was then people who were to do with things started seeing weird happenings on Skype, and one-by-one the kids started being killed.

The whole film surrounds Skype and the computer, bringing to life scary happenings and social media. Are you ready for some online company of the dead? Watch the Unfriended movie trailer below.

Unfriended movie to shock April 17 pic 1