Best April Fools Jokes from Google in 2015

Today is April Fools Day and Google is having a great laugh today, which will actually put a smile on your face because today April 1st is all about being stupid or funny. Luckily enough though Google is being very funny indeed with its little jokes.

Google never disappoint when it comes to April Fools Day, below we will be looking at a few of their jokes this year of 2015. Please do let us know, which one is your favorite and the reason why.

First up is ‘Elgoog’, which is Google in reverse is so funny and hard to read. Instead of putting com and the end of Google. just put it at the beginning like this and away you go, everything backwards including links, cards etc.

Next up is ‘Google Fiber Dial-up Mode’ - This one is all about providing the pioneering 56K Internet connection, this does allow users to eat more pop corn and creates more hugs. You will have plenty of time making a cuppa tea or coffee, all the time you didnt have will be given back to you with the Google Fiber 56K movement, please watch the ‘Introducing Dial-Up mode’ video below.

Now let’s move onto ‘Google Panda Product Launch 2015′ - Thanks to Google Japan they have launched this brand new product where you no longer need to do a Google search, all you need to do is ask the Panda a question and it will provide you an answer. Watch the video below for more information, this one is very funny.

#Chromeselfie - This is a new button that has appeared as a new option for Google Chrome on mobile devices, which allows you to take a snap of your face where you can share to a web page - we wish this one was real.

Chrome selfie

Our favorite is ‘Google Maps Pac-man’, if you visit here you can see one map showing the game, and yes it is a full playable game.You can play on desktop or on mobile devices, for more information on what to do and how to play visit this Google help page.

Google Maps Pac-man