Air Canada flight AC624 updates on Twitter

Air Canada has confirmed no one was critically injured after flight AC624 had a hard landing along the Halifax runway on March 30, 2015.

25 passengers on board the Airbus 320 aircraft were taken to hospital after it slid along the snowy runway at Halifax Stanfield International Airport. The nose of the aircraft was heavily damaged after skidding on its belly along with the right win being damaged.

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Air Canada flight AC624 was classed as a hard landing and not a crash landing because it became a crash rather than knowing about it. @AirCanada Twitter account has been updated in a regular basis to let its followers know what has been going on as it happens.

18 of the passengers were released from the hospital after observation and treatment of minor injuries. Over on Twitter they did post a tweet saying they fully appreciate how unsettling it must be for its customers, their families and employees. An investigation is underway where they are working with TSB.

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The aircraft left Toronto Saturday March 28th with five crew and 133 passengers, they landed on its belly 1,100 feet short of the runway, which was rather lucky and great flying from the pilots.

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