Facebook hosting news sites content raises questions

Facebook is apparently in the middle of a meeting with news sites to host content within its social network, this will of course keep users on Facebook rather than clicking links, which also saves time as no need to wait for pages to open up.

A lot of website traffic comes from social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, and publishers around the world are trying to capitalise on this with boosting readership through them. This is where social media strategies and marketing comes into play to boost a news site overall traffic. It now seems Facebook is moving ahead and talking with six major news sites with a plan to host content on its platform.

Facebook hosting news sites content raises questions pic 1

The New York Times reports Facebook is now in talks with six media companies to host content inside its social network, which will stop the need of linking to their own websites. In short terms this means Facebook users will not have to click a link to read a news article, they will be able to read directly within the social network, which saves time.

Five names out of six were mentioned and these include Huffington Post, National Geographic, New York Times, Buzzfeed and Quartz, it has been said The Guardian could possibly be the 6th.

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Please answer a few questions: How will the advertising work for Facebook if they host the news sites content? Most of the sites rely on advertising; the New York Times has Paywall so that’s covered. If a user is not leaving Facebook how will these sites earn money?

Surely advertising revenues and traffic is going to be lost, the only way they can do this and make money is by running ads alongside the hosted content.

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