A look into video ads performing on Instagram

Ever since Instagram began offering video ads in October, global brands have been driving measurable results with 15-second custom videos that range from teasers of upcoming movies to announcing a new clothing line to simple recipes.

As video ads continue to ramp up on the platform, the Instagram team put together some quick tips on how brands can best connect with the community through this medium.

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Instagram as we all know captures what we call ‘The Sharing Moments’, which happens around the world. It is these moments that need a little more than just a standalone photo to bring them to life and tell a story the way they were supposed to.

Two years ago video on Instagram was introduced, this shows more than just a photo because it is a real-life photo telling a little more of a story to attract people to your post. It is the best and powerful way to share your stories, in October Instagram also introduced video ads in the US, which are now of course available in Canada, France, and Australia and in the UK.

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Global brands are getting in on the video ads, they are now apparently as reported by Instagram sharing ‘15-second custom video ads on Instagram’, which consist of simple recipes and upcoming movie releases etc, and these are driving quantifiable results. One of the first video advertisers in the US was Banana Republic, who promoted its latest collection. Their videos were fantastic with a time-lapse technique and featured fashion sketches.

Shades of blue #thenewBR

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For the full list of tips and examples of successful video ads from major brands please visit this Instagram for Business blog post. It goes into detail about: Sound, Motion, Pacing and Perspective.

A look into video ads performing on Instagram