PSN is down March 16, DriveClub 1.12 PS4 update

PSN is down on March 16, 2022 and has been for the last few minutes. No official statement as to why the service is down has been released yet.

The only thing we can see bringing the PlayStation network down would have to be too many people trying to download something at the same time. This could more than likely is the case due to the fact the DriveClub update 1.12 is now available to download.

PSN is down March 16 maybe because of the new DriveClub 1.12 PS4 update, which is 600 MB. The update now adds support for next week’s DLC and single player replays.

The full patch update for 1.12 can be seen over on PlayStation LifeStyle, new features include pause, rewind and fast forward using the controllers L2 and R2, 50 replay slots are available, hide the UI and use the #PS4share button to save and share your favourite moments or races and much more.

PSN is down March 16, DriveClub 1.12 PS4 update  pic 2

It seems PSN is down in most parts of the United States, there are no scheduled maintenance updates so our only guess is the DriveClub update is slowing things down a little where gamers are trying to download it.

Is PSN down for you? If so please let us know your location.

PSN down for 2.5 hours for maintenance today

  • Dixie chicken

    Trash exclusives, trash online service, trash company. Lord im glad all these idiots arent on my silky smooth xbox live. Have fun with trash exclusives and a trash service idiots. LOLOLOLO

    • Revolver Ocelot

      Change the record, FlopzaFailEver.

  • KaliLove

    That sucks. Customers invest a lot of money for the console, and then have to invest even more every year jus to have the network services. All that money n u can’t even get reliable service… I agree with Dixie chicken.

  • TheNoresse619 .

    Damn also it happening on the ps3 as well when trying go to the store it say service under maintenance