Facebook Messenger is down on March 13

Facebook Messenger is down on certain Apple products, which is a cause for concern as it’s not on all iOS devices.

If you visit Twitter right now and search ‘Facebook Messenger’, you will see plenty of tweets coming in from not so happy users. It seems the app is only down on Apple products such as the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and iPad’s.

Facebook Messenger is down on March 13 pic 2

The weird thing is that this is a sporadic Facebook Messenger outage; one user said he is sat with a friend and one can get on the app, whilst the other cannot, according to Is Down Right Now USA.

Tweets are coming in very fast, People are saying if Facebook is going to make them use a separate app, the least they can do is make sure it works.

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Other tweeters are saying Facebook Messenger keeps crashing on WiFi but not on your phones network. Is the app crashing on your iOS device? Please let us know what device you have, and if you are using WiFi or your own network (Let us know what your network is please).

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  • Ustacp

    Mine is dead on three different iPhones. Just started about 15 minutes ago. Reinstalled multiple times and nothing.

    • Ustacp

      Mine works if you turn off wifi. I have two iPhones 6 and iPhone 5.

  • Bruno Gerardo

    On phone network works great, after turn on Wifi it crashes. I’m on iPhone 5s and in Portugal

  • Abdellatif El idrissi

    Turn off the wifi and use 3g.
    Then turn it off and turn on wifi and it works ..

  • Nuno Rodrigues

    Portugal Iphone 5s. APP works fine on 4G data plan… on Wireless keeps crashing.

  • DidYouSayBeer

    Turn wifi off, works on iPhone 6, wifi on kills it as well as iPad 3

  • ronel

    i have ipad mini wifi only. crashing also. im from philippines

  • Anya

    Ipad 4 on wifi, suddenly started crashing about 20 minutes ago. Reinstalled and still crashes.

  • Genetics honeydew

    Iphone 5C works on EE mobile data crashes on wifi.

  • Nicole

    Have iPhone 5s, crashes on wifi but not on LTE network.

  • Junebug

    On my iPhone 4s Messenger works on 4G but not on wifi (thanks for the tip!)

  • Toledo

    Crashing on iPhone 5s with iOS 8.1.2 only when on wifi. Fine on cellular lte

  • Mr Stratyhmore

    Crashes on iPhone 5s and iPad air when on wifi. iPhone is fine on cellular.

  • Johan

    Crashes on iPhone 6, lastest iOS, latest Facebook, messanger app. Only on WIFI it crashes, works fine with 4g. Swedish provider.

  • Slythershy

    Mine only works on data. 😐 I have the iphone 5s. Keeps crashing on wifi like everyone else. . . .what’s going on?

  • Junebug

    Don’t know if this happened to anyone else, but when I switched 4s from wifi to 4G (ATT) and then back to wifi Messenger started working on wifi again.

  • Tuga

    On my iphone it crashs either on wifi or network data connection. Iphone 5c

  • tadj

    but the tranfert market didn’t work what the fiiiiiish ?