GTA 5 down due to new Heists download

GTA 5 Online heists update is no longer an update but a reality, you can go download them right now. But this is causing somewhat of GTA 5 downtime at the moment and users are taking to social media channels to have their say.

Online Heists are now available on GTA 5; this mode is now available for all platforms including PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

There are five Heists available to download, which includes a new “introductory” Heist for to players and not four. If you want to take part in a Heist you have to be a rank 12 as well as own a high-end apartment.

Over on the fan page Twitter page @RockstarGTAV they are linking to this page, they also link to this page with the full GTA V title update details.

GTA 5 online down due to scheduled maintenance pic 3

Gamers are saying they cannot access GTA 5 on certain platforms, but this is due to the new update. Loads of players at one will be smashing the servers downloading the new Heists.

Are you having problems accessing GTA 5 Online, and have you downloaded any Heists yet?

Over on the official @RockstarSupport page they are saying check the server status page for more info, but then they do not have any information.

GTA 5 PSN gamers debate, UK server status on May 16 pic 1

  • jimmy

    start gta, load online, if you get rockstar services are unavailable dont go to story mode, wait at the xbox game store, if it says services are unavailable, just wait, after maybe 5-10 minutes, it will say Now Open, proceed and download Heists. Your welcome! :)

    • BeltonBelle

      I downloaded it early this morning and it was perfectly fine. Played on it, did a few jobs, but now, it’s completely unavailable, as well as the XBOX live temporarily. So many people hit the servers and xbox live at the same time, crippling the system.