Iggy Azalea Instagram run by management: Fans views

Iggy Azalea is stepping away from the social media limelight, especially on Instagram. Fans were in total shock when they visited Azalea’s Instagram profile to be fronted with a ‘page not found’ message on the screen. But now her Instagram account is back online, with management running it for her.

Iggy Azalea Instagram pics from now on will be by new management, when we say new management we mean Iggy Azalea will not be handling her account for a while. The Instagram photo say’s “Until further notice Iggy’s Instagram will be run by management. Iggy is taking a break from social media, she loves all her Azaleans.”

Iggy Azalea Instagram run by management- Fans views pic 1

It is clear she is not happy with being on Instagram and this is why she has stepped away, and looking at her previous photo can you blame her.

On March 5, there was an Instagram photo of her standing in front of her home, which has a 6ft blacked out fence. She also said no one should fell like their home is a prison, she went on to say to her fans that they should be aware when posting these pictures. She said it is iilegal to post images of someone in their home pr property with a long-range camera.

Iggy Azalea Instagram run by management- Fans views pic 2

Her ‘thenewclassic‘ Instagram account is back online but under management and not Iggy. Hopefully she takes control of her Instagram account again soon.

How do you feel about Iggy not running her own Instagram account?

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