Apple Watch price and social media ban

Social media is obviously one major factor of leaks when it comes to new products, especially Apple’s products. Taking this into account it was decided Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc were all cut off from the Internet at Apple’s top-secret lab where they work on things such as its software. Lips are always closed, especially on the new Apple Watch.

The Apple March event will be kicking off today, where there will be a live video stream covering all from the Apple watch and hopefully a new iPod.

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When it comes to the Apple watch price, it will start from $349 for the “Sport” model. There are many other versions as well with different price tags. The Apple Watch release date will commence in April, but a specific date will be announced today, and then the pre-orders will begin.

Apple Watch price and social media ban pic 1

All will be revealed today, the watch, new apps, and hopefully a new iPod release. We do know that the Apple Watch will have a ‘tap’ alert feature to the user’s wrist.

Apple Watch battery life, apps, prices, release date, features and much more will be revealed at the live keynote. Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter will be go crazy as soon as it kicks off.

What are your thoughts on the new Apple Watch, what are you expecting?

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