New Facebook AI test for true intelligence

Has Facebook took a leaf out of Alan Turing’s book and created a test similar to his? Yes is the answer so to speak because there is a new Facebook AI test for true intelligence. This is a test developed at the Facebook Artificial Intelligence where there are 20 questions, which do get harder.

The Facebook artificial intelligence test allows AI to take the test and if it passes them all it can develop true intelligence. Many will have forgotten or not really thought about the Enigma code machine that Alan Turing developed to conquer Hitler’s plan, and the movie ‘The Imitation Game’ brings back to life the machine and the life of Turing.

It was in 1950 Alan Turing created the test for AI, which was simply called ‘The Turing Test’. The movie also discusses about ‘The Judge’, and in the human test there is a human judge, which will engage in the natural language conversations with another human, then to get a higher level of performance impossible to differentiate from that of a human being and a machine.

If the judge does not know the difference between a machine and a human then the machine has passed the test.

Has Facebook created the best Facebook AI test for true intelligence?

Test yourself on Facebook’s intelligence questions right here courtesy of New Scientist.

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