Facebook bug bounty program pays $1.3m

There are millions of hackers in the world and majority want to bring a service down, or wage a war to prove they can hurt. But thanks to the Facebook bug bounty program the social media network has paid out millions of dollars to what people known as ‘white hat’ hackers.

In 2014 alone bounties paid out reached a staggering $1.3 million, this is what Facebook paid to hackers to find security flaws. If they find a security problem they get money in return.

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The Facebook bug bounty program, which was started back in 2011 seems to be a success so far. It is a good way for hackers to help rather than break the law and exploit them. In 2014 alone over 17,000 security issues and bugs were reported, which was up 16% year-on-year.

On average an hacker is paid $4,049, but many get paid higher or lower amounts of money dependent on how bad the bug or issue was. Last year a Lithuanian researcher received a handsome sum of $30,000, the lowest payout is $500.

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It was in hackers in India who found the most security flaws / bugs, in second was Egypt, third the UK and then the Philippines. Looks like there are good hackers in India then, and they were there to help rather than exploit. A few problems found by these ‘white hat’ hackers included private messages being viewed, hackers could post on peoples timelines and there were security problems aiwht both Facebook and Instagram servers.

Read the full 2014 Facebook bug bounty report here.

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