Google Plus vs Facebook at the start of 2015

Facebook’s active advertisers rose to a staggering 2 million, which is a massive 33% increase on its 2014 July number at 1.5 million. But when you compare this to Google’s piece of the advertisers estimate market share they sat at 31.1%, but this is a drop from its 33.6% share in 2013.

When you look at Facebook and its active advertiser share, they increased its from 5.8% in 2013 to 7.8% in 2014 according to eMarketer. Even though Google’s numbers are good it shows Facebook is pushing harder than ever to increase its active advertisers, in a way it seems Google is not trying has hard as Facebook to get its percentages up.

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Fortune reports, Padraig Bracken, marketing manager at Y-Volution, which is a company that makes scooters for children, will use Facebook because it is pushing a lot harder than Google. He intends to spend 60% of his digital marketing budget with Facebook for 2015.

We all know Google Search is the king, but with it becoming more expensive it makes sense to promote products on Facebook.

Take a look at the statistics over on Randy Hilarski Dot Com; these are rather interest to say the least. It goes into detail about promoting posts on Facebook because without doing so your posts are what they report as being “like a ship without sails.” But promoting on Google Plus is free.

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Now would you rather pay to promote your posts on Facebook, or do it for free on Google Plus?

Google Plus has 2.2 Million registered users (This is down to the One Account login), 9% who have posted publicly; it is all-free and supports HD images as well as protecting your image Metadata. Google Plus also supports gig and public posts can be found on Google Search. Facebook has 1.3 billion registered users, 57% of adults in USA use Facebook, 64% visit on a daily basis, they released its better control on who sees your posts and offer Pay to Play for business.

Google Plus vs Facebook at the start of 2015, who would you use to promote your product, brand, company etc?

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