Charter Internet outage complaints thickens Feb 23

Charter Communications is not behaving at all well today according to its users, the service that supplies home phone, TV and internet services in about 25 states in America is seeing a lot of complaints in Twitter at the moment because of an Internet outage.

Customers are taking to twitter to vent their dismay about an Internet outage, they are not happy that they cannot gain access to its Internet service, it just seems to be repeated issues week after week. Nothing seems to get down about the service one tweeter said.

St. Louis seems to be one of the main problematic locations with the Charter Internet outage, are you having outage issues in this area?

Twitter complaints are still coming in right now, one users said, “@charter, I guess I will have to keep trying your horrible internet service,” others have said why hasn’t Charter put any information on its Twitter account about the outage.

Another Twitter user said why isn’t Charter Internet working, they said they just paid the bill and now they are not getting the service they pay for.

Are you having Charter Internet outage problems?

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