Ben Woolf death shocks social media

Actor Ben Woolf, aged 34 of American Horror Story has sadly passed away after a car accident left him with head injuries. Tributes are now pouring in on social media platforms from people around the world.

Ben Woolf death shocks social media around the world so much so people have taken to Twitter to mark their respects to the actor. He passed away at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after having a stroke, reports The Los Angeles Times.

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The 4-foot 4-inch actor diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism when he was young was in a critical condition after being hit by a passing cars side mirror whilst in Hollywood.

Tweets are pouring in like these below from Jamie Brewer, Ryan Murphy and James Wan; just search ‘Ben Woolf’ in Twitter for many more tribute messages. The actor’s latest role was as ‘Meep’ in the American Horror Story: Freak Show instalment.

Woolf did not have any children and was not married, and his family were overwhelmed by the support and love they got for them. Please do share your respects for Ben Woolf below.

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