Facebook Math Blaster game online with multiplayer

If you love games and you also like to play on Facebook, you will want know about the return of a classic learning game. Math Blaster is back, but this time it is playable on Facebook with new minigames and online multiplayer feature.

You can now play Math Blaster on a top of the range computer now; you do not need to be using an old-school using third-gen beast.

Facebook Math Blaster game online with multiplayer is free with in-app purchases; you can opt for a subscription plan where you can unlock more goodies. The price plan costs between $9 a month or a $130 one-off payment, which gets you unlimited access.

Many games are moving from Facebook online to mobile devices so it is a godsend we are getting a classic like this back on the social media site. Games like this will suit all age groups; of course you have to be 13 or older.

Math Blaster was first released back in 1983 for the then super fast Microsoft and Apple PC’s, but now the Facebook version allows all to play Math Blaster whilst on the move, which includes both action-based gameplay and basic math tables etc. For more information and the option to play please visit here.

Facebook Math Blaster game online with multiplayer pic 1