DirecTV 771 error still persistent with HD channels

DirecTV customers are receiving 771 error messages with all HD Channels being down, the company that offers radio and television via satellite have updated its Twitter account showing how customers’ can watch SD channels whilst they work on restoring the HD ones.

Customers are already taking to Twitter and Facebook complaining about now being able to access DirecTV HD channels as well as a number of them saying they are getting the 771 error message.

One DirecTV customer in New Jersey said the DVR box power lights are not showing for them, he said he is getting other channels (Not HD one), which is strange considering the power lights are out.

Another customer said they were getting the 771 message and now she is being charged $5.99 to view the channels, but she was already paying for them so why should she pay again. It seems there are around 22 HD channels affected at the moment with no sign of when service will be fully up and running again.

If you are having any DirecTV sign in problems, on demand not working, HD channels not showing or 771 error messages, please do use the comments below.

Stocks and Shares: Even though DirecTV added 149,000 new customers is shares fell 9 cents to $87.25, with revenue for the quarter rising 3.8% to $8.92 billion.

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  • mary

    This is he second time in a month.Direct tv is down . Direct TV.com771 Rid 1297785 7122 cardoo1o 5224 1450