Destiny server status problems this week

Today, we wanted to take a look at the Destiny server problems being reported with user server status updates. We can take a look at issues being reported today, Feb 20, and also throughout this week thanks to status update websites like Down Today and this is important with Destiny’s Xur appearing in his new location today.

While we have seen problems reported off and on all week, only just today we have seen players talking about “losing connection on strikes almost everytime with Xbox 360”. Could you imagine losing server connection just as you spot the new Xur location on Feb 20? It wouldn’t be good.

Another gamer had this to say on Twitter, “I have been kicked out of the game all yesterday, I’m in USA and a friend also told me about their game continuing to flash about installing an update file and then back to the home screen again. These problems are a joke, so a fix is needed right away”.

In regard to the latter issue, we have heard about fixes in the form of going to your download history and deleting the Destiny file that talks about waiting to download. This should fix that particular problem.

Other glitches reported on Down Today include “losing game progress over and over”, being “kicked out numerous times”, stating, “contacting Destiny servers and then getting kicked out”, among other problems. There’s also certain codes displayed when these glitches occur.

Have you had any problems this week with Destiny the game and its servers? Those issues can be shared below with any error codes that you see, the platform you are on, also if you found fixes and heard back from developer support.

Destiny servers now unavailable for maintenance