Spotify spinning problems on Feb 19 at login

Twitter is going crazy at the moment with Spotify users complaining about spinning problems today when trying to login. The online streaming service seems to be down for majority if its users at this given time with no official updates from the Spotify team.

The main Spotify problem today on Feb 19 is at login, when users are trying to do so all they are getting is a spinning symbol and nothing more.

The official service status page still say all is online, but the main problem its users are facing is an annoying spinning wheel even though they have network.

Music lovers are taking to Twitter to vent a little anger out, the complaints are still coming on now since the problems occurred about an hour ago.

One user said they couldn’t understand the issue; it is a little strange how nothing has officially been reported yet we are getting the spinning wheel. Is this a complete Spotify outage, or is there just a glitch with the servers.

Are you having Spotify problems? If you are please do use the comments area below?