Issuu has 85M users with magazines by PDF

Issuu is one of the best free electronic publishing places to be if you wish to use and share catalogs, magazines and newspapers etc, With 21 million publications on Issuu right now, 15,000 new publications per day, as well as 85 million people reading something every month you know where you need to be right now.

85 million active readers on Issuu is not something to forget, software is the key feature to produce online publications’ being it your interest in culture, arts, fashion, entertainment, movies, TV shows, cruises etc, the list is endless. Some of the big names in the industry have partnered already such as V Magazine and The New York Times.

Before you get wondering where we are going, as we are OSM about online social media, where we are actually going is Issuu’s feature called ‘Clip’; this has a whole lot to do with social media.

Clip is a great tool that allows any part of a publication to be shared through social media; you can share it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and many more. But the best feature is where you can take a snapshot of your publication or anyone else’s come to that and share on social media.

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For example, take a look at the monthly Cruise Review Magazine, they have just created this one and over time it will grow month on month. They already have in place its media kit if you wish to advertise. The mag that they are showing can be embedded into blogs and news sites, once you open the magazine you will see a little button at the top where you can share to all social media platforms (Take a look at the screenshot above).

Last year WSJ said Issuu is basically YouTube for Magazines after raising $10 million, online magazines with Issuu combines with Clip feature is a social media marvel where magazines can be shared around the world – You cannot get any better marketing than that.

Please be patient and keep coming back, OSM Online Magazine is Coming Soon!

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