Instagram rise vs Facebook UK usage in infographic

Social media network Facebook has always been the dominant around the world, especially in the UK. But, a new report in the form of an infographic has been released showing Facebook has slipped a little whilst Instagram climbs when it comes to usage.

Data from GlobalWebIndex profiles both Facebook and Instagram’s usage in the UK, and shows that Facebook is down 7% with Instagram climbing 18%. These numbers are given over the last 12-month period, to see the photo/video-sharing platform rise by 18% in active users is astonishing.

Instagram rise vs Facebook UK usage in infographic pic 2

On Facebook 57% of active users are male and 44% are female, 53% of Facebook users log-in multiple times a day, 1.6 hours are spent a day on average. There are 64% of men using Instagram and only 36% of women with 29% of users who login multiple times a day and 2.5 hours spent on average per day.

Looks like men are overtaking the social media world, judging on this pattern it will good to see the stats at the end of 2015. If you look at one celebrity alone called Mia Khalifa, she has a staggering 124,656 on Facebook, and 822K followers on Instagram.

People seem to be following more people over on Instagram rather than Facebook lately – Do you use Facebook or Instagram the most?

Instagram rise vs Facebook UK usage in infographic pic 1