AOL email down Feb 19 amongst other problems

Customer are experience AOL email problems today amongst other problems. The major issues today on Feb 19, 2022 is the AOL email, it seems the AOL email login process will not work properly no matter how many times you try. AOL is aware if the issue and is trying to fix the issue as soon as they can.

The AOL email login issue only seems to happen on one account, which is the one with the important mail. The login process seems to fail on a mobile phone, laptop on Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. AOL engineers are working on a fix right now, so hopefully will be up and running soon.

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There seems to be other problems, because AOL is part of TalkTalk there are also problems with channels disappearing from the TV program guide and then appearing at a later time.

Fibre customers are also reporting issues in Coleraine, Londonderry/Meg, Hastings, Bridgend and Peterborough Central where exchanges are rather slow at the moment.

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A few customers are also experiencing issues with HG520s routers where Internet browsing is somewhat of a problem.

The main issue with AOL seems to be mainly surrounding mail, please let us know if you are having AOL email problems, leave your location as well in the comments along with your issue.

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  • Deborah

    No new mail is displayed when signed in to AOL installed program. Can get new mail only though signing on to AOL through IE. Annapolis, MD

  • Nancy

    Can not get new mail. Shows I have 30 nothing to open

  • Mags

    SE Kent cannot get mail and if I try to log into account from other computer it tells me wrong name or password - been like it since late morning in this area.

  • Craig

    NJ can’t not get on to check email or anything else..

  • TIM


  • suep

    Still cannot get on my email at 4:15 p.m. it’s been out all day. It says server password is wrong.

  • P kuhl

    All is showing my password under “discription” of my iPhone. No matter how many times I errase it, it keeps coming back. It also changed my email address to my password. What is going on???

  • josh

    703 est still cant sign in

  • u2kazoo

    It started working for me this afternoon… thank goodness.

  • kk

    started working when i changed password now down again - email i send to myself is going to someone else - as they called and told me

  • Ron

    Same here seems to want to change your password on my iPhone but then it stops working again. It’s been like that all day.

  • Zengei12

    In Whitefield, NH, been unable to access or send email since early Feb 19

  • Tom

    My tv turned on by itself and jumped into my firestick homepage. Immediately thereafter my aol email and my wife’s aol email were shut off from being accessed. Our att&t wi fi router runs both iPads and the firestick program.
    This is not just an aol hack. Something else is going on.

  • Beth

    Atlanta, GA Email coming in with time 1 hour ahead. Also yesterday I kept getting Cannot Get Mail the user name or password for “AOL” incorrect which was not true. I would put it in correctly and would keep saying wrong. Finally quit doing that but time still wrong on emails.

  • Boomie

    Pittsburgh, PA This is the second day with no email coming in or going out. This is my JOB. I need to work!

  • Jon

    Today have been hacked by some one wanting contacts to send money. Nothing new there.
    My contacts list has also disappeared . I have not myself deleted this.

  • artberkowitz

    Yesterday my AOL mail was out nearly all day. The only way I could get access to my new mail was through the web. It was not available on my AOL Desktop or on my cell phone. Late in the day my AOL desktop began receiving new mail, but still nothing on my cell phone, no matter what I did or how many times I restarted the phone. Then I decided to delete my E-mail account and reinstall it. VOILLA!!! Everything worked. Don’t be afraid… all the old e-mails came back. My biggest complaint is with AOL’s lack of communciation. Things go wrong, but companies have a responsibility to communicate with their customers. Where was AOL? I didn’t see anything on their website, on their news, in E-mails online. NOWHERE. Please don’t tell me they were communicating via Twitter. That’s a joke. AOL you let us down.

  • christine

    Cleveland, Ohio
    Cannot log into mail. Incorrect user name or password…
    Now I am locked out from trying to log in for 24 hours.

    • christine

      Been on hold with aol for 50 minutes. What a joke!!!

  • artberkowitz

    Check out my fix. see below

  • mychael

    Binghamton, NYcan’t even access aol from my desktop at all, won’t open at all

  • Karen

    I’m in Belfast and still can’t get my emails on my iPhone!! Keeps saying Username or password maybe incorrect when I know they’re not! Come on AOL!! Get it sorted!!

  • Melanie

    Syracuse NY AOL mail down. Says user name and password are incorrect for 2 days now. When resetting the password and answering security questions it tells me that’s wrong too!

  • soapstix

    Why are we not hearing anything about this. Usually, there is a big to do about this sort of thing. I am in Illinois, and this is the 3rd day I cannot sign on to AOL. This is weird to say the least

  • Ellen Perlson

    I’ve been locked out five times. sat on hold 45 minutes three super ate times. Always get someone from India. Got hacked three days ago and the problems have not stopped. I HATE AOL

  • Pegg

    I am in the Philadelphia area and have not been able to use the “Search Mail” feature for about a week. It’s something I used to use on a daily basis and I need it back! Search results are limited to finding a keyword in e-mails that are no more than a few days old.

  • Mary

    I have had issues with aol email on and off for about the past week but the past two days i cannot get my emails at all. Totally frustrated. Time to get off AOL?

  • Janice

    I have not been able to get into my email for days now. I have ended up taking our cell phones and tablets to Sprint. They looked up AOL ISSUES and said they are having “lots of complaints concerning email”. They are working on issues with people having the new Windows 10 before anyone else! Not good AOL!