New Facebook hashtag feature like Google’s Plus One

Facebook is apparently rolling out a new hashtag feature that will work just like the Google +1 button found over on Google Plus. This will allow Facebook users to view posts with a specific hashtag.

Twitter, Instagram and just about most social media platforms use hashtags, but many believe that Facebook’s hashtags hold no purpose and offer no functionality. It is true Facebook hashtags do not really aggregate with a keyword, but now according to there is going to be a new way in how hashtags are used on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has apparently recently introduced a new +1 button in the newsfeed, if you take a look at the screenshot above it shows the +1 button. Dedicated hashtags can make many more social interactions, and with this new feature if a friend uses the same hashtag as you it will show up in the +1 section.

So if a friend is commenting on a photo, post, video, status etc and uses the same hashtag it reports it, very useful. So when the +1 on Facebook goes up it means someone is using the same hashtag as you.

This is most definitely fake, we have not heard from Facebook of this new feature, so strike one. Facebook would never copy Google using its same +1 button, strike two. Do we really care who has used the same hashtag, strike three you are out.

New Facebook hashtag feature like Google’s Plus One pic 3