PSN status reports after PS4 2.04 update

No official, PlayStation Twitter updates have been reported as of yet, but it seems the PSN is down once again. Gamers are taking to Twitter to vent their anger out that they cannot access the PlayStation network, but this could be due to the latest PS4 2.04 update going live.

Many gamers are complaining they cannot access PSN, they can sign into the PS3 but not the PS4, but this is obvious it is simply down to too many people trying to download the new PS4 2.04 update.

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The major issue is trying to download the PS4 2.04 update, which recently went live. Some are saying they tried to download but sat waiting patiently and then it worked for them.

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Another PS4 gamer said they got the software update required message, but was unable to access the network. How can I install the latest system update when the servers wont allow it?

Are you having issues downloading the new PS4 2.04 update? If you are having any problems at all with your PlayStation or PSN please do report them below.

PSN status reports after PS4 2.04 update

  • Bryce

    Downloads and installs but unable to connect to PSN

    Edit: PSN is working after a system restart (turned it off for 5min if that helps)

  • Dean

    The update downloaded and I can sign in but I can’t connect to the network and keeping getting that new error code su 30709 9

  • Zach

    Update 2.04 downloaded and installed then restarted try to sign in and just get same error. Very frustrated

  • Drake Knight

    I waited probably 30 minutes before trying to apply the update again. It downloaded, about 2 reboots happened. Then I got on and clicked my friends tab, and the error (SU-30709-9) appeared again. But when I got to test my network connection error (CE-33991-5) appeared. I reset my router 3 times each time with a 5 minute delay before turning it back on. Still no good outcome.. Except for the fact that when I use my PlayStation App it says my friends are on and playing online now.

  • FranKThAGReAT

    This is ridiculous!! Finally got a ps4 today and I can’t even play online because of this stupid update!!

    • XenoCraigMorph

      Dude, it’s an update. Chill out. You will get your gaming time. These updates are necessary, without them, there’d be no fixes to the problems people find with their systems. Plus, it doesn’t take that long to update. Relax, pop a pill in your ass.

      • FranKThAGReAT

        This comment was unnecessary stop the nonsense!

  • FranKThAGReAT

    I’m finally able to download it let’s see what happens afterwards!!

  • Jar

    I waited about 20 minutes then tried again and it looks all good..

    • FranKThAGReAT

      Me 2! Everything is updated & running fine now!!

  • Girlgamer78

    This is a joke! Iv had ps4 since day one and seem to spend more time trying to get online than playing! Love paying to play for a service i cant use! There was not this much trouble on ps3! Sort it out sony!!!!

    • Steven Muehlenbrock

      That’s a little bit of an exaggeration. If your spending that much time not able to play it’s your internet not the PSN.

  • SiLenTuce808 .

    Why doesn’t it say anything about this update on the official ps4 software update page? What is this update about anyway? Anyone know?

    • Drico-JD

      Stability issues. The update has been kept quiet, released in Europe in the early hours.

  • Jar

    Wait 10 - 20 minutes and try again mine worked

  • Girlgamer78

    Well i did the update but all my stuff is locked!

    • Jar


    • gambidd

      Happens to me now an then even without updates simply I turn off my P’s4 off completely sometime takes more than once maybe up to three times and to make sure I reset my router and modem at times

  • FranKThAGReAT

    Finally got it to work!! Everything is updated & working!!

    • Jar

      Have fun while the rest of us suffer :’)

      • FranKThAGReAT


  • Devil

    what is the new in there?

  • cyberac

    I can’t access to my network, any suggestion?

  • freddy_uk

    network working fine in the uk.

  • Michael Griffiths

    What does the new update do

  • danielt

    Go to safemode download it through update there it should work.

  • Dongeba

    i downloaded it that works and it installs properly but when it starts up for the final time it gives me the message to update i have tried out many times now

  • Kasraabdiplat

    Please answer
    I downloaded it but when it was installing,the update file was deleted by the ps4
    I tried to download it again but it is downloading at dead speed 10 hours remaining
    What should i do?????
    Please answer

    • Dongeba

      Hi sorry for late response
      try turn restarting your system that might trigger the download process

      • Kasraabdiplat

        Thanks Donjeba
        It worked đź‘?

    • Guest

      Thanks Dojeba
      It worked đź‘?

  • smallboy944

    Updated fine, no problems, My Online ID is Weef27 and smallboy944.