Brand building for biotech companies using Instagram

When it comes to social media marketing, nothing grabs more audience attention than images and videos. In fact, if your audience likes your images and videos on social media, there are rare chances of them not liking your brand. So, where will you head, to boost up your brand awareness by making the most of this effective technique of sharing pictures and videos? It’s INSTAGRAM!

Yes, Instagram has come up as a great marketing tool for marketers of all industries, to build their brand online. If you are in biotech business, perhaps you are aware of the importance of social media in Life Science marketing. Instagram makes an effective brand awareness-building tool even for an industry like Life Science, which is governed by strict regulations, and has scientific minded people as its target audience. If you are a biotech company trying to increase your online visibility and brand awareness, Instagram is the right place for you to go! The key to success on Instagram is determining your “unique” offering, and then creating a story about it. Tell the story in the form of pictures and other great visuals to fetch audience engagement.

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However, as with any other marketing platform, marketing on Instagram will also need you to follow certain tactics. Listed below are some effective tips for your biotech company, to build brand awareness using Instagram:

1. Build Your Brand Personality

Express the uniqueness of your brand very clearly, and make sure that you are authentic about it. The building of your brand personality begins through the creation of a perception in people’s minds. All the small things, right from your user name to your profile bio, should reflect the personality of your brand.

The proverb “first impression is the last impression” applies well to online user behavior. It would be good if you were able to draw users to your brand quickly. Your first message, with which a user comes in contact, should be powerful enough to create a lasting effect. A study by Nielsen Norman Group states that if “information scent” or cues are given to people, they forage for more fodder. If you can draw users at any touch point, like your profile, a photo, or a comment, users may become curious and visit your profile, perhaps ending up becoming your follower.

2. Use #Hashtags Smartly

Getting noticed makes a vital step in the initiation of building your brand. Your audience would know you first, and then appreciate what you are offering. Hashtags are an effective tool for getting noticed. Use contextual and relevant hashtags for adding context to your pictures and improving search-ability. Though Instagram lets one use a maximum of 30 hashtags, avoid exploiting the feature wholly. Hashtags, if used smartly, can strengthen your brand. You can do this by having your own hashtag and using it in your posts.

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Another good idea is to use popular hashtags. You can find out the hashtags with maximum popularity on Instagram, by doing a simple Google search. When you use the popular hashtags, more and more people are likely to come across your account, when they are ‘exploring’ the hashtags. Go for using the hashtag of your brand, along with your location details.

3. Talk Smart and Engage

To get real digital enlightenment, you need to engage with your target audience. You talk to people, and they talk back to you. Although Instagram is a platform for visual content, but its users do engage through comments. Conversations via comments may make the beginning point to getting yourself noticed for saying the least.

Here, it’s important that you post photos that fetch viewer engagement. It’s okay even if the engagement is as small as an exclamation. The thing that matters is the lasting effect left on the viewer’s mind, by the particular picture. Remember that your follower’s mind is the place where your brand is created.

The essences of social media lie in two-way conversation, and so, make sure you follow users liking your posts. Reciprocate likes and comments to pave the way for further interaction.

4. Post Original Content

Posting content is the fun part in this social media site. At Instagram, you can unleash your creative side when it comes to showcasing your brand to the masses, which would be hearing of you for the first time. Incorporate some fun when showcasing your brand, and go through the IG accounts of several bigger brands with which you feel that your brand can relate. This would give you some content inspiration.

To come up with engaging content for IG, consider posting funny staff pictures, motivational quote images, teaser photos of new product introduction, pictures announcing sale or special discount, your and your staff’s images at charity events, etc.

5. Showcase Your Products and Services

Narrate the story of your business via videos and images. Add context to your services and products, so as to let your target audience connect with them. For instance, the image of a necklace isn’t able to evoke the same feeling as that evoked by a picture of someone wearing it along with a styled outfit. And if you put that person in the apt environment, like in a park, with family, or in a party, the picture would connect more with the viewers.

As a biotech company, you can creatively show your products being used by scientists, researchers and others among your target customers, or you can post pictures showing the unique features of your products, and how they can benefit your customers. This makes a great tactic of social media marketing for Life Science companies.

Implement these best practices in Instagram, and watch your number of followers shoot up. If you employ these tips rightly, Instagram can amazingly do the work of online brand building for your biotech company.

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    Yes, I am completely agree with you. Using hashtag cleverly can bring unexpected exposure to your website/app