Sam Smith Lay Me Down statement video on gay marriage

Sam Smith’s new ‘Lay Me Down’ video is a huge statement on gay marriage; some call it controversial and other call it beautiful. It is in our mind controversially beautiful with a meaning Smith is trying to get across, the video adds all elements of life in just 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

The new Sam Smith Lay Me Down video brings out all kinds of emotions, sadness hits first when you see Smith at the front singing at a funeral in front of mourners. But then the twist happens when the camera pans around the room to turn to Smith again at his own wedding in a church.

What is there to hate about this video, it is of pure brilliance to put across how someone feels and Smith’s single pulls you in. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight, the video tells a story a meaning of life that should be shared.

Rolling Stone magazine got to talk with Sam Smith where the singer said, “Obviously gay marriage isn’t legal in churches, and we’re doing a gay marriage today, in the church. We’re the first ever to do it. It’s obviously not a real marriage, but still,” Sam told Rolling Stone from the set. “The priest just said to us, ‘We’re going against the rules by doing this today,’ which I thought was a lovely element in the video.”

The lyrics are brilliant, the world is full of controversy and it is great to see Sam Smith expressing how he feels. The twist in the video is when the camera pans around once more from the wedding to Smith sitting on his own in a wedding. It is all about how it would feel to have a gay wedding in a church. The video itself was shot in a South East London church, which was directed by Ryan Hope.

To get the message across Sam Smith took to his Twitter and Instagram to share the video and to express how well it is doing. He said on Twitter, “I’m so overwhelmed at the response to the Lay Me Down video. So happy x.”

He also took to his Facebook with a heartfelt status saying the song holds a very dear place in his heart, it shows his dreams of one day where young men and women and transgendered men and women around the world like all straight friends and family can get married under any roof.

Lay Me Down by Sam Smith can be pre-ordered via iTunes now, expected release is 22 February 2022 – Now please do what the video below and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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