PSN being down angers PS4 Destiny players

The PlayStation Network seems to be having a few issues at the moment, and even though many gamers are complaining of the service being down the PSN service status says ‘Intermittently available’.

PlayStation are aware of the issues, they report that PS4 users may be experiencing problems when connecting to PSN. They are working hard trying to resolve the issue and thank users for their patience.

PSN being down angers PS4 Destiny players pic 1

We have also heard PS3 users are also having issues, so please do let us know in the comments if you are having issues on your PlayStation 3.

Ask PlayStation Twitter has tweeted recently of the problems users are having trying to sign into PSN, ‘engineers are investigating’ and they will let us know as soon as possible when all fixed. It seems the issue is not affecting all PS4 gamers.

PSN being down angers PS4 Destiny players pic 2

One Twitter user asked ‘Ask PlayStation’ a question not being able to sign into PSN when they try to play Destiny, it keeps telling them to sign into PSN. Ask PlayStation replied with, “Disconnect your router and console from the power source for 3 minutes, reconnect them and try again.”

It seems a lot of PS4 gamers are taking to social media to vent their anger; many are having problems getting online with Destiny.

Are you having PSN issues at the moment?

PSN offline for 2.5 hours for maintenance today

  • Stephan Watkins

    Sony needs to put more cybersecurity in the psn networks and servers.

  • Sam

    Haven’t had any issues