Tu Bishvat 2015 recipes on Twitter

Tu Bishvat (Tu B’Shevat) in on Wednesday February 4, 2015, even though many will start celebrating it in the evening of Tuesday, February 3.

Tu Bishvat is all set around the 15th day of the Jewish months of Shevat; people would say it is similar to that of Arbor Day. It is a festival known as the “New Year for Trees”, which is very well known in the Jewish communities in countries such as America.

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Jewish communities in USA would watch the festival by eating fruit on February 4th; fruits that are consumed would include dates, grapes, pomegranates, figs and olives.

New fruits are always tried on Tu B’Shevat day; Jewish communities would also plant trees as well on this Jewish holiday.

Here are a few recipes found on Twitter, many more will come in the closer we get to Tu Bishvat 2015.

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One recipe found over on Twitter sent us to Haaretz website where they have a great recipe. Here you will find Tu Bishvat recipes including Chicken, walnut and kale patties, Red Cabbage, hazelnut and barberry salad as well as Hazelnut, chocolate and orange salami.

What Tu Bishvat recipes can you recommend?

Tu Bishvat 2015 recipes on Twitter