Super Bowl 2015 Report: The battle of the brands on Twitter

The Super Bowl 2015 battle of the brands on Twitter report shows brands that advertised during the game, and the social impact per $ spent has just been published.

With nearly 320,000 mentions McDonald’s wins the title of the most talked about brand on Twitter during the Super Bowl. This gives McDonald’s a 27% share of the total mentions of brands during the game. Nationwide however, was the brand with the highest social return on investment.

The automotive industry was the most represented in terms of commercial airtime with BMW leading the way with 83,000 Twitter mentions and an impressive social ROI during the big game.

Thanks to the ‘Twitter Counter Press Room’ the report is now finished and we can see who were the best brands during the 2015 Super Bowl.

The most talked about brands on Twitter ranked by the total amount of mentions received during the Super Bowl is rather interesting. McDonalds was at the top with 319,532 mentions, Nationwide was in second place with 206,134.

When it comes to ‘Social ROI’, the return on investment for each brand calculated as the total number of mentions divided by million USD spent on airtime. At the top is Nationwide with 45,808, then McDonalds with 35,504.

When it comes to car brand mentions on Twitter BMW is at the top with 83,081, Nissan second with 59,518.

Super Bowl 2015 Report- The battle of the brands on Twitter pic 4