Candy Crush Saga connection to Facebook still down

Candy Crush Saga is been having a few on and off issues connecting with Facebook today, but at first thought we believed it to be a glitch and it would be up and running.

But this does not seem to be the case because gamers still cannot seem to gain Candy Crush Saga connection on Facebook.

The main problem is Candy Crush Saga on Facebook, we have been notified the game works well via the app on mobile devices, but connection via the social network is not working.

Candy Crush players are taking to both Facebook and Twitter to vent their frustrations, it seems when they are trying to connect to Candy Crush via Facebook they are seeing an error message saying. Some sit and wait for ages with no error message.

We are also seeing over on Twitter gamers are tweeting, “Candy Crush Soda Saga won’t connect to Facebook.”

As a reminder, the Candy Crush Saga app works fine, but when trying to play the game via Facebook connection it is down.

Are you having issues with Candy Crush Saga Facebook connection?

Candy Crush Saga connection to Facebook down pic 3

  • Renie Zaccardo

    Unable to connect via Facebook since 2pm EST

  • erinboisse2010

    mine wont work either so i just removed the games i had on my ipad and my old phone