Andressa Urach social media awareness to plastic surgery

Over on Andressa Urach’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook she is making sure people learn more about her plastic surgery nightmare. It was plastic surgery that nearly killed the Brazilian “Miss Bum Bum” runner-up star.

There have been many stories covering Andressa Urach and her life, such as sleeping with Cristiano Ronaldo, but she is now an outspoken campaigner of plastic surgery and she wants the world to hear about her story.

If you visit her Twitter account she promotes hard by tweeting a link to her exclusive EGO article. She says every warrior has branded his battles and scars, and in another tweet she wants her followers to understand he exclusive story. She then says in another tweet her past is behind her and that it’s the present that matters now.

It was in November when Urach had difficulties after plastic surgery, she went into septic shock and placed on life support after an unsuccessful operation to give her a larger posterior.

Over on the official Andressa Urach Instagram profile she posted a picture, with it was her description, which read (Translated) “Good evening friends, for many days I was in a bed, unable to get up, in pain, taking many antibiotics to fight infection. My family is from @igrejauniversal the Kingdom of God but I was always against fact tithe or offering and turned away from the church. I tried other religions and did a lot of work to win many things and paid very high sums of money to.”

What are your views on Andressa Urach speaking out against plastic surgery?

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