Snapchat Discover feature: Is it social media?

This is not social media! According to Snapchat its new service called ‘Discover’ is about exploring stories from multiple editorial teams. Basically linking together with world-class media leaders to build a storytelling format where ‘narrative’ comes first.

When you visit Snapchat’s homepage you will be greeted with a video, you cannot do anything else until you have watched the video, which is a pain in the backside. Once the video has played you will see many well-known names in the news industry, such as CNN, ESPN, Daily Mail, Yahoo News and many more.

The new Snapchat Discover channel allows major media companies the ability to program their own channels; they will create the channels with short videos on their feeds for the application.

They say it is not social media yet social media companies let us know what to read based on most popular and most recent etc, yet Snapchat still believes this is not anything to do with social media because they see it differently. They say they count on ‘editors and artists’ not ‘clicks and shares’.

You ‘click’ on a Snapchat video after it has been ‘shared’ by a friend, is that not ‘clicks and shares’.

What are your views on the new Snapchat Discover feature?

Snapchat Discover feature- Is it social media pic 3