Facebook down: password change after internal fault

Earlier on today Jan 27, Facebook went down and hackers Lizard Squad claimed responsibility. It has now been confirmed it was not anything to do with hackers but an internal configuration fault.

To put it in plain terms the Facebook outage was self-inflicted, the social media site went down for around about an hour before all resumed normal functioning.

Facebook password change after internal fault pic 1

Facebook went down today in the United States, Australia, Asia, UK and Canada, and this was on both desktop and mobile app. Even Instagram went down at the same time, because it has been reported to be an internal error it would mean both social media networks going down at the same time.

Reuters reports Facebook saying, “This was not the result of a third-party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems,”

Facebook password change after internal fault pic 2

Even though both Facebook and Instagram are up and running, it has been advised to change passwords in settings. “facebookdown” was the top Twitter trend today, Twitter had a meltdown when the services went offline.

The burning question: Did Facebook really have an internal error, or was the social media site really hacked and they are just covering it up?

Facebook password change after internal fault