Facebook hoax killer with a false news story setting

Facebook is always full of hoaxes and articles, news stories can be false and just a joke, you know like ‘The Onion’. But Mark Zuckerberg and team at Facebook have added a new option in the ‘Help Us Understand What’s Happening’ settings to show fewer hoaxes.

You could say the Facebook cleaning squad are here to help. OK, maybe not because ‘YOU’RE’ the cleaners, the eradicators. You’re the one laying the mouse traps to kill hoaxes, is this a good thing or could it be worse than what it is?

Even though millions of users on Facebook love these hoax stories because they are funny, there are millions that do not like them and believe they are not right. For example, Morgan Freeman has died so many times so when it actually happens and we hope it doesn’t anytime soon because the man is a legend, no one will ‘BELIEVE’ the real news.

But, Facebook are helping you choose what you want to see and what you do not want to see, users can now chose to see less viral hoaxes in their News Feeds. This is of course how those stories are shared, if you alone mark it as a hoax then it will not count so to speak, but if many Facebook users mark as ‘It’s a false news story’ (Examples: purposefully fake or deceitful news, hoax disproved by a reputable source) then Facebook will see it has less distribution.

Some may say the new option in setting is not needed, once people realise the articles etc is a hoax they will just remove it from their feeds anyway.

Facebook hoax killer with a false news story setting pic 1