Aubrey Plaza hilarious videos on Super Bowl ads

Aubrey Plaza, remember this name for she is the blunt but yet a funny vocal point of ‘Newcastle Band of Brands’, which we believe she should be the forefront of the Super Bowl ads this year.

Below are two YouTube videos, which are so funny we are still laughing, just writing this news piece has turned us unprofessional for a moment to wipe the tears away. The way she speaks in them makes us want to be sarcastic, she has a go and the people-recording saying she is not being sarcastic it’s the way she talks.

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We will not say much about what she says in the videos, but they are super class and should get an Academy Award or something. If not, at least be the face of the Super Bowl 2015. The first video is where Aubrey Plaza is basically telling the story of the ludicrousness of Super Bowl ads and promotes the brilliant Newcastle Brown Ale campaign to get a “Band of Brands” together to collectively buy an ad spot during the big game.

The second video is just as funny where Aubrey Plaza adds more sarcasm; this is comedy gold at its best. Especially with her sarcastic voice milking a cow in a milkmaid outfit – Oh yes, the cow is a live one.

These are videos to get one-up on the self-aware Super Bowl ads, Newcastle Brown Ale even hired Parks and Recreation star to promote the “Band of Brands.” The first video below is titled ‘Newcastle Brown Ale’s Call for Brands, featuring Aubrey Plaza’, and the second video is called ‘Aubrey Plaza Prepares America for Newcastle’s Band of Brands Ad’.

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The videos need to go viral and we will help push them. Please share this article a lot so we can get more awareness to these videos – YES STILL LAUGHING LOUD. When you visit the ‘Newcastle Band of Brands’ the first thing you see is a message asking if you are old enough, to enter you must be of legal drinking age. Have fun.

Joint Newcastle Brown Ale, Band of Brands on social media: Facebook / Twitter / YouTube.

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