Fake Facebook account costs $134k

To set up a fake Facebook account it could cost you a lot of money, $134K was awarded to a New York woman after Federal drug agents set up a Facebook page in the woman’s name as part of a massive drugs sting.

Drug investigations are always handled differently, but as reported by Associated Press the federal government used photos from the woman’s phone without permission.

The Fake Facebook profile was set up to trap drug dealers, which was created by a DEA agent. Photos included Sondra Arquiett posing on a BMW’s hood, and there was also a photo of her niece and young son. These photos were reported to have been taken form her cell phone back in 2010 when she was arrested in a drugs bust.

$134,000 was awarded to Sondra Arquiett as part of the Justice Department’s settlement, the Facebook page was maintained for three months. It turned out the fake Facebook profile was set up to trick Arquiett’s associates and friends into revealing drug secrets.

In 2011 Arquiett pleaded guilty to a drug conspiracy charge, she was later sentenced where she received a time of home confinement; it was in 2013 she sued the government.

Fake Facebook account costs $134k