Edgewater fire takes over social media

The huge five-alarm Edgewater fire in New Jersey has left hundreds being evacuated from the 408-unit Avalon apartment complex. The huge fire made its way through the building sending flames reaching for the sky.

Smoke was so thick and high it could be seen in New York according to social media reports, at the moment both Twitter and Instagram are being in undated with news on the fire occurrence. One Twitter user said, “Edgewater NJ fire last night out of control. With the cheap building materials used to construct those luxury apartments, not surprised.”

People got out of the four-storey building according to authorities, but the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. The fire started around 4.30pm (9.30pm UK time). The Avalon at Edgewater is located along the Hudson River across from Manhattan in the city of Edgewater.

NJ.com reports there are no initial reports of injuries, and reports are coming in saying schools will be closed Thursday as well as access though certain roads being restricted.

Edgewater fire was trending in Twitter earlier where people are tweeted at a fast rate letting people know what is happening, people are also taking to Instagram to share the Edgewater fore photos. One Instagram profile sharing a lot of pictures is ‘halliganipa’ (Sean FTM-PTB.).

If you follow Fort Lee Police (@FortLeePoliceNJ) Twitter account you can be kept up-to-date as it happens.

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