Time Warner Cable poor experience apology after Internet outage

Time Warner Cable customers are complaining over on Twitter about their services, and in return TWC are apologising for the poor experience.

If you visit the official @TWC_Help Twitter account you will see complaints are coming in by the minute, one Time Warner Cable customer said they have been on the phone with @TWC_NYNJ for 1 hour and 30 minutes and still counting, the customer seems to have a simple problem and yet it is still being resolved judging on the tweet. @TWC_Help replied to the customer on Twitter apologising for the poor experience, and asked him to direct message his account info so they could look into it.

Another TWC customer @dinosayrawr13 tweeted by saying thank you to Time Warner Cable for breaking her TV addiction by cutting off her cable for the last 5 days. Yet again @TWC_Help said they would look into this if she DM her details.

Time Warner Cable Internet is down in certain areas at the moment, many areas such as New York are suffering outage problems if our sources are correct.

Just looking at the @TWC_Help Twitter account there seems to be some serious issue with TWC’s Internet service. Many of its followers are asking if the is a TWC outage problem.

Are you a Time Warner Cable customer and having Internet outage problems?

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