Stop Labour’s home tax using petition, Facebook login

The Conservatives are calling Labour’s homes tax ‘crude’, ‘absurd’, ‘desperate’, so much so they have shared this over on its Twitter account @Conservatives.

You can fight against this tax and to stop Labour’s tax on the family home by showing your support. There are many ways to do this, such as signing a petition or sharing using your Facebook login.

To get involved the Conservatives have provided details on how to get involved by sharing the facts about how you can secure a better future, or do not share and let Labour put it all at risk for you.

Every post you share you will receive 25 points, these rewards can obviously be used over on the ‘Conservatives’ website.

Over on the website you will see what the Labour home tax is all about, the Conservatives say it is a terrible idea and can really hurt hardworking families. They also point out a few things said by Lord Mandelson, Former Labour Home Secretary Charles Clarke and many more.

Conservatives point out a few details about Labour’s home tax, there are talks of lowering the cap, which means homes £400,000 could be taxed. People who earn £42,000 will be classed as ‘wealthy’ and taxes will have to be paid up front. If you are a pensioner on a low income, Labour says your family will have to pay the tax when you die.

Sharing by using your Facebook login

You can now sign the petition to stop Labour’s family home tax, once you have done this you can share the ‘Conservatives Post’ so everyone knows. You can share by using the ‘Login with Facebook’.

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