Brittney Jones Vines deleted and silent Facebook

Brittney Jones made it famous on the Internet when her video aka ‘Brittney Jones Superhead’ went viral. But now her Vines have been deleted after probably being a little too revealing shall we say.

People are still asking about her Vine account, we reported before about her account being suspended. The Vine by Brittney Jones WSHH on her Twitter account all now say ‘Oops! Couldn’t find it‘ her last vine shared on Twitter was January 12. This tells us the Brittney Jones Vine account has been suspended.

Some of the Vines she posted on her Twitter profile are called ‘bath time’, and a few of them are a little too strong to say on here.

She seems to be staying a little low at the moment (no pun intended) after her Brittney Jones head video went viral. Even the Brittney Jones Facebook has gone a little silent lately, her last post was on January 6, 2022 when she shared an article with her status saying, ‘Awwwwww, they writing stories about me.’

You cannot be too sure, which Brittney Jones social media accounts are fake or real, but we do know her Vine account has gone.

Brittney Jones Vines deleted and silent Facebook pic 2