Mia Khalifa Instagram imposters, college player recruiting video

Mia Khalifa is at it again with her extreme videos of persuasion, this time round she has made a 2 minute 41 second video, which can be seen below courtesy of YouTube Channel Erik A. Webster

The video shown below is rather revealing so viewers discretion advised, she really want to recruit college players.

In the video she seems to be having a laugh, and many American Football clubs such as the Buckeyes will go out of their way to get a player. But Mia Khalifa seems to be doing a better job to get Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Braxton Miller.

She uses her seductive ways in the video to get Braxton Miller to move on over to the south to join Florida State. The Lebanese-born porn star was ranked number one on an adult entertainment site, and now she is using all her charm to recruit players. Many comments on social media are coming in, you just got to read the comments on the video below to understand some are not happy at all.

Moving on, if you visit Mia Khalifa’s official Twitter account she stresses that Miakhalifa1 is the only Instagram account. Be aware there are many Instagram imposters, are you following the right Mia Khalifa Instagram?

Mia Khalifa Instagram imposters, college player recruiting video pic

  • Rick Manigault

    What a women.

    • Anonymous

      I know!