MLK weekend Slapjack game with Kevin Hart

The Slapjack game with Kevin Hart on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is hilarious, he jokes that he is a little ticked off because he couldn’t get a black hand.

Both Kevin Hart and Jimmy are playing a game of Blackjack where who ever loses gets slapped around the face with a giant synthetic hand. The only problem Hart has is that he was given a white hand instead of a black one.

Hart goes on to joke that this is Martin Luther King weekend, he said to Fallow, “You couldn’t give me a black hand on Martin Luther King weekend?”

Kevin Hart was on the show to promote his new movie The Wedding Ringer; the comedian is very funny indeed. In one part of the video shown below Hart gets an Ace, 2 and 4, which adds up to 17, which Hart calls 17 a mother-in-law because sometimes you want to hit it sometimes you can’t.

The video below is very good indeed and Harts comic antics on MLK weekend have the audience it fits of laughter.

MLK weekend Slapjack game with Kevin Hart  pic 1