H1Z1 Game Error G29, G99 parody video

After H1Z1 hit Steam Early Access, social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter lit up with complaints from angry gamers after servers went down.

Gamers took to the social networks to vent their anger with the servers being down, when ‘H1Z1 Game Error G29, G99’ started to appear.

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For a game to break down at launch is madness, and gamers were soon on the H1Z1 Facebook and Twitter account with their opinions.

H1Z1 took to its Facebook account saying they knew about the logging issues people were experiencing, and was down to the extreme load on its servers. But then that was the last update on its Facebook, the next updates popped up on its Twitter account @H1Z1game.

The last tweet on @H1Z1game said, “Ok log in now. Have fun. Sorry for the problems today.”

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As soon as H1Z1 launched on Steam Early Access yesterday the servers were just too overloaded and could not handle the load. Zombie survival games are highly popular and for only $20 for early access to H1Z1 these were snapped up rather quickly.

It is a simple case of the H1Z1 launch mad rush crippled Steam’s servers. Below is a meme video discussing the G29 and G99 game issue courtesy of Games Glitches Channel.

Can you now log in to H1Z1?

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