PlayStation Network maintenance prime time disaster complaints

Complaints are coming in about the PlayStation Network being down, but reminders have been sent out via social media and support pages that it is just a scheduled PSN maintenance update.

The PSN maintenance was scheduled to last for about 4 hours from 9 AM to 1 PM Pacific Time, but gamers are angry because of the longer than thought downtime.

PlayStation Network maintenance Jan 15 with no downtime

PlayStation said that users will be able to access online games and partner services like Netflix, the only things that will not be available is Account Management, PlayStation Store and Home. User will have probably got a maintenance notification when trying to access these services.

Complaints are coming in from gamers over social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. One PS4 owner said, “This is ridiculous, PSN is still down what is the point of paying $49 per year for a service that over the last 2 months has been down most of it.”

Another users said with all the attacks of late, will this maintenance fix the major down time issues we have had for a while. Why on earth would they do maintenance schedules through prime time in the UK and midday in the US.

Seems like the PlayStation Network is still down for the majority judging on the complaints coming in, you just got to search ‘PlayStation Network’ or ‘PSN’ in Twitter to see the angry tweets flying in.

Are you still having PlayStation Network down time problems?

PlayStation Network maintenance Jan 15 with no downtime pic 1

  • Mike

    Psn is a joke. My ps4 connection to it works about 70% of the time…maybe. Pitiful